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3D Illustrated Manual

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Our assembly manuals clearly explain each step with the required tools, lumber and hardware. Many of the steps will also feature a 'detail window' for clarity and for reinforcing the goal of the step. Each step will have its own page - we never cluster drawings together. The text repeats and complements the model, instead of simply listing the hardware/lumber and giving vague descriptions. We have gone to great lengths to simplify the construction with accurate drawings, concise descriptions and included tips, short-cuts, and suggestions for building your new play set quickly and error free!

Plan-It Play Step:

Most build-it-yourself companies spend considerably less time developing and testing the accuracy and 'user friendliness' of their manuals. We have several on staff CAD designers who continually create and improve our existing instructions from feedback within our company and our customers.

The step below is typical of most kit companies - few descriptions, blurred and poorly rendered drawings with little thought to detail and/or explanations:

Competition's Step:

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