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Never Compromise on Safety or Quality

Our Wooden Playset Kits Never Compromise Safety or Quality for Affordability

Sure, you will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars building it yourself with one of our wooden playset kits. However, the same high quality hardware, parts, and components found in more expensive pre-built playsets come standard with all Plan-it Play wooden playset kits.

Standard features on all wooden playset kits:

  • Every kit is professionally engineered and designed
  • Extra wide ladder steps (2x6's versus dowels and 1" lumber)
  • Solid 4x4 framing with all bolt construction - no nails to work loose or ground anchors needed
  • Zinc-plated hardware to resist rust and corrosion, all included - additional hardware not required
  • Recessed/countersunk holes to hide hardware and give your playsets that factory milled look
  • Non-metal components made from high impact resistant polymers, plastics, and marine grade vinyl
  • Easy to read 3D illustrated step-by-step manual
  • 'Safety-zones' and non-overlapping play areas - overlapping play areas can lead to injuries

See what sets our wooden playset kits apart from other companies here.

Our playsets include added features that meet or exceed every ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) guideline

Extra features on playset kits with swing beams:

  • Patented swing beam bracketing system (7 gauge steel)
  • Three pair galvanized bolt-thru swing hangers (commercial upgrade available)
  • Three pair of spring clips for easy removal and height adjustment
  • Heavy duty swing belts, buckets, trapeze bars, etc. - each with coated chains, giving them a soft, pinch-free grip.

There are many kit configurations to personalize your new playsets. We carry a complete line of swings, slides, add-ons and accessories in several colors, which are 100% compatible with our playsets and most models from other do-it-yourself kit companies.

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