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Difficult to Build?

Are your swing set kits difficult to build?

Only commonly found tools (see tools needed) and basic carpentry skills are required to assemble our swing set kits. The swing set plans, swings, accessories, hardware, etc. are all included with the kit. Lumber is purchased by you locally and consists of 2x4's, 2x6's, 5/2x6's and 4x4's - everything should be available at any hardware or do-it-yourself warehouse.

Most of our fort kits with swing beams can be completed in a weekend with only several hundred dollars in lumber. Plan-it Play has gone to extra lengths to reduce the building time of our swing set kits by avoiding pre-drilling and angle cuts when possible, also by simplifying the fort frame and swing beam without compromising strength. Additionally the dimensions are always standard, allowing parts to be interchangeable (example: if you happened to label a board wrong) and to maximize your lumber yield. Scrap and end pieces can be cut and used for other components on the swing sets - saving you time and money.

Are your swing set plans clear and easy to follow?

Our swing set plans are professionally designed and drawn with a 3-D drafting program. Each of our swing set kits will feature a fully illustrated step-by-step manual taking you through the entire process from lumber purchase, cutting, drilling, assembling to adding the finishing touches. The steps are repeated twice - once as text, then once as an illustration. This helps minimize mistakes and reduces your building time. Each step will have large graphics, plenty of detail, and (when necessary) close up shots (compare our manual for swing set kits with the competition). Our design team collectively has over 25 years writing swing set plans and manuals and we take great pride in the quality of their work.

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