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Which Kit to Pick?

How do your swing set plans with hardware kits differ from each other?

Each of our swing set plans is centered around a 'bolt-n-frame' type building technique. This construction method is very simple and straight- forward and used with each of our jungle gym plans. Don't be discouraged, as the level of difficulty doesn't necessarily change with the length of the jungle gym plans or the size of the playset.

When deciding what kit is right for you, ask yourself these questions:

What's my budget?

Our smallest 5'x5' playset (fort only) is $179 (add a standard 10' slide for an additional $135). Lumber, bought by you locally, for these jungle gym plans is approx. $175 = TOTAL $473. Most of our small swing set plans with slides (including your lumber costs) can be built for under $600, medium sized under $900, largest models $1,200. Compared with the cost of a pre-fabricated model you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

How much space do I have in my backyard?

The swing set plans will include a 'site-plan' - an overhead shot of the playset with the final dimensions. This information is also available in the kits section of our site. Simply click on the kit you're interested in then click on the 'site plan' tab.

Are you interested in modifying your jungle gym plans to fit in a smaller area?

See some creative changes a few of our customers have made to their swing set plans here.

What play activities would my children enjoy the most?

Are my children too old for a slide or too young for the monkey bars? We carry a complete line of add-ons to modify your swing set plans (monkey bars, climber poles and ladders, tire swings, etc.). See our add-ons here.

How much time do I have available to work on this project?

Most of our medium sized fort kits and jungle gym plans with swing beams can be completed in less than a weekend (12-16 hours). This includes cutting and drilling, which is approximately half of the labor required by our swing set plans. If you decide to sand, route the edges, or pre-seal/stain the lumber beforehand add another a couple hours to the project. We recommend you take your time from the beginning and follow the swing set plans. This will help minimize mistakes and create a better finished product.

Do I have the required tools?

The jungle gym plans will include a 'required tool list'. Most of these are found in any and every garage of the weekend warrior. The only power tools needed to build from any of our swing set plans are a circular saw and electric or cordless drill. There are several optional tools that make the job easier and more professional looking but are not necessary (see complete tool list for swing set plans). You can purchase all of the tools required for any of our swing set plans at any hardware store. We found all these tools and the lumber at our local do-it-yourself warehouse.

Do I have the necessary skills?

Plan-It Play's swing set plans have already taken care of the design work and calculations. Basic carpentry skills (measuring, marking, cutting, and drilling) are all that are required. Our design team has made a concerted effort to help reduce the building time of our swing sets by minimizing pre-drilling and angle cuts in the jungle gym plans and simplifying the fort frame and swing beam without compromising strength. Additionally, the dimensions on all of our jungle gym plans are always standard, allowing parts to be interchangeable (example: if you happened to label a board wrong) and to maximize your lumber yield. Scrap and end pieces can be cut and used for other components on the swing sets saving you time and money.

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