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Buyer's Guide

Welcome to the Factory Direct Playground Equipment Source!

We supply many other build-it-yourself companies with their playground equipment components, swings, slides, etc. Additionally, our playground plans are 100% compatible with our equipment, and all of our playgrounds are backed by our one-year factory warranty.

Our Playground Plans Make Building Your New Playset Easy!

With our 3D illustrated playground plans, we have eliminated the design phase of building your new playground equipment. Our easy to read step-by-step playset assembly manual takes you through the entire process - see an example here.

Everything is included in the kit - the playground equipment, the playground plans, the hardware, brackets, safety handles, tarp, etc. (see standard kit contents) - everything you need except standard size lumber available at any hardware or do-it-yourself warehouse (see basic lumber requirements).

Below are several questions you may be asking yourself before deciding that building a swing set from a kit is right for you:

Can the average person build a kit?
What type of kit is best for me?
Can I customize my new swing set?
What about the quality and safety of your playsets? Are your kits cheaper than pre-built swing set models?

We also carry a complete line of swings, slides, accessories and add-ons - see our playground equipment options here.

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