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Plan-It Play's variety of products fill the void between the high-quality upper-end residential playsets and the marginal quality of currently available do-it-yourself swingset programs. Our products incorporate the same high-quality components and design features used in upper-end residential lines.

Each Plan-It Play kit is professionally engineered and features an easy to follow, step-by-step 3D illustrated manual that allows the consumer to build a high-end residential playset at a 40-50% savings without compromising safety, durability, quality, or style. Additionally, our program meets the needs of those consumers with existing playsets, from Plan-it Play or other manufacturers, by offering a complete line of add-ons and accessories.

The complete retail program features either a 4 or 8-foot merchandiser, resembling a playset, with brochures and other selling aids (example at right - view details here). The kits, hardware, and accessories are individually packaged in 4-color process header card/polybags and retail boxes. Our packaging is designed to easily accommodate pegboard, gondola, or warehouse style merchandising.

Non-retail, custom merchandisers and custom programs are also available for select dealers.

4' Merchandiser


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