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Plan-It Play vs Others

Patented Swing Beam Bracketing System

Plan-It Play:

  • Patented swing beam bracketing system
  • Simple 2-piece assembly
  • 7-gauge steel with zinc/galvanized lags, screws, and carriage bolts


  • Complex 4 - 6 piece bracketing system
  • Considerably thinner gauge steel and screws (lagless), without any carriage bolt reinforcement
Wide, Flat Ladder Steps

The ladder is the most accident-prone area of the playset, yet also the most preventable.

Plan-It Play:

  • Wide, flat, sturdy ladder steps
  • Mounted with 'L' brackets, 4x4, and 2x6 lumber
  • All ground ladders are inclined 30° or 2-1 - NEVER vertical
  • Steps are 12" apart


  • Dowels and 1" boards have very little 'foot-contact-area' - in most cases, less than 1 inch
  • Some steps are more than 16" apart! Short legs require shorter steps
  • Vertical or improper inclines
Solid 4x4 Framing

Plan-It Play:

Our kits utilize all 4x4 framing, 4x4 and 2x6 re-enforcing. In fact, only one 2 x 4 is used for re-enforcement of the deck boards. Due to this design, additional bracing or ground anchors are never required. Galvanized screws are used instead of nails that can rust and/or work their way loose over time.


While researching other playset kit manufacturers pay particular attention to how well the fort is supported. Are 2x4’s used extensively as load-bearing supports? Are additional supports such as braces or ground anchors recommended? Are nails used in the construction?

Polymer-Injected Swing Belts

Plan-It Play:

Our belt swings are a one-piece injection molded design. They conform to the child’s body for added safety. They have built-in UV protection so they won’t heat up or fade in direct sunlight. The chain is 3/16” proof coil hot dipped in plastisol and rated for 800 pounds. The plastic coating not only adds an attractive matching color, but also makes for a "pinch- free" grip.


Swing belts that incorporate 'wire-form-framing' are significantly weaker, in some cases only rated at 75lbs. The chains are twin looped and only rated at 255lbs. Twin looped chain is actually wire curved into links and covered with a vinyl sleeve that can crack and peel over time.

Zinc/Galvanized Bolt Swing Hangers & Spring Clips

8mm Spring Clips:

  • Zinc plated to resist rust and corrosion
  • Spring clasp keeps clip firmly closed
  • Wider loop than standard spring clips, specifically designed for our swing set hangers and ductiles
  • Rated for 300 pounds

6" Bolt-Thru Swing Hangers:

  • 6" bolts
  • Durable nylon bushings
  • Hot-dipped galvanized to resist rust and corrosion
  • Includes washers and lock nuts
Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Manual: Step-by-step 3D illustrated instructions repeat the steps twice - once in text and once as an illustration. This helps reduce mistakes and building time.

Lumber Purchase Sheet: Describes exactly what size lumber is need in what quantities. Only standard lumber is required. Everything should be readily available at your local building, hardware, or home supply warehouse.

Lumber Cut Sheet: Shows you exactly where to measure, mark, and cut. To minimize waste, scrap ends/pieces can be used for other components on the playset - saving you time and money.

Tool List: Only commonly found tools are needed. To reduce the difficulty, angle cuts are not incorporated into the kit designs (with an exception - the Free Standing Swing Beam does require angle cuts). Also included are optional tools to help reduce building time and give your playset that professional high-quality look and feel.

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